Product Introduction

The AA Series is a full function Auto Attendant System. The total recording time can be up to 1636 minutes. The AA Series can be integrated with all major PBX easily. Its state-of-the-art design will greet your customers and transfer them to the correct person or department. The advanced DSP (Digital Signal Processor) technology generates clear voice and provides sensitive tone detection. With flexible design, the AA Series play diversify announcement in different business hours.

The AA Series provides virtually unlimited menu choices and routing possibilities. Every different greetings are easily interchangeable, and can be arranged according to individual company needs.

The AA Series will auto switch the greetings to Day, Night or Noon greetings when the time schedules set properly. When necessary, users can also change the operation mode manually.

It is very easy to set up and manage the AA Series. Simply dialing into the system directly with touch-tone phones and input the system password, then you are ready to set up the system parameters. The built-in voice prompts will guide you through the settings step by step.