Product Introduction

IL1000 is the perfect fit for managing the service quality through the phones, especially for SME and the companies that locate their offices dispersedly. Adopting the advanced embedded device technology, IL1000 breaks the boundary of traditional PC-based loggers. It is almost free from maintenance, and it even delivers robust management and multi-sites operation capability that the competition is running after.

Flexible Deployment

  • Economic solution for the requirement of 4 to 8 ports.
  • Cascades up to 7 units for providing 56 ports with single management interface.
  • SMDR connectivity for trunk recording

Large Storage

  • Built-in with HDD of 120GB (or higher) for recording up to 30,000 hours of talking time.

Easy Installation

  • Web configuration interface for easy management
  • The change on configuration takes effect without rebooting the system.
  • Audio interface is available in multi-languages for configuration.

Robust Management of Recorded Logs

  • System keeps the complete logs with System Name, Channel Number, Extension Number and User, Caller ID, Time and Date, Duration, and etc. Using wisely the combination of these searching keys will bring the managing jobs easier than ever.
  • System administrators and the phone users are able to access the logs with the accessibility granted by their respective ranks.