Product Introduction

Adopting Network capability, lL-5000 breaks the boundary of traditional PC-based loggers, connecting the administrator and multiple recording sites while using the client-server structure, taking call logging to new level. With the powerful remote IL Console, Periodical Self-Diagnose features, flexible search, retrieval and playback, IL-5000 is the best Quality Assurance/Control solution for your business..

Flexible Deployment

  • Economic solution for the requirement of 4 to 24 ports.
  • Stackable and scalable, cascades up to 7 units for providing 168 ports with single management interface.
  • SMDR connectivity for trunk recording

Large Storage

  • Built-in with HDD of 256GB (or higher) for recording up to 40,000 hours of talking time.
  • Backup can also be done Real-time or by user defined schedule to anywhere the network is available and to any contemporary storage device including HD, DVD, CD/RW

Easy Installation

  • Web configuration interface for easy management
  • The change on configuration takes effect without rebooting the system.
  • Audio interface is available in multi-languages for configuration.

Robust Administrative Software

  • User-friendly IL Console: Incorporating the most modern GUI, allowing the user to quickly adapt to the interface without any difficulties.
  • Via TCP /IP, all system configurations and log/live monitor can be done anywhere with a few clicks at your fingertips.
  • Versatile Search and Play: All records can be accessed via network, and searched by multiple attributes at the same time, including Logger ID, Time, Date, Extension Number, Channel, Caller-ID,Trunk Line, Dialed Number and many more

Powerful System Feature

IL-5000 is packed with industry's most sought after call monitoring and recording features. Including Self-Diagnose functions, email-ready files, truly expediting the system performance and help your business to create better efficiency and productivity