Product Introduction

IM2400 is a single box, plug-and-play, supporting up to 24 ports of voice mail channels system. It eliminates the hassle of computer maintenance and offers the reliability and stability that can only come from a dedicated and integrated hardware/software platform.

IM2400 offers a comprehensive list of features that exemplify all the traditional voice mail/auto-attendant capabilities in their enhanced form. Designed with the end user in mind, IM2400 is easy to install and maintain. The features list below:

  • Customizable Automated Attendant
  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • Easy PBX Integration
  • Dynamic Message Notification
  • Personal Distribution List
  • Call Management
  • IM2400 is a robust and compact voice messaging system that integrates voice and data networks to create powerful features that are unparalleled by traditional equipment. Integrated with your existing data network, IM2400 can voice-link remote offices, transmit real-time data, and be maintained through network based utilities

    IM2400 can integrate with your e-mail servers to receive your voice messages with e-mail. It brings the convenience and efficiency of computer telephony integration to a single, dedicated platform, making organizing and accessing your personal communication records simple, freeing time for better work productivity for your business.